Crocodile scissors

  • Model:50ton~500ton
  • Cutting edge width:800~1500
  • Material of shear blade:H13
  • Motor power:5.5~35KW
  • Product description: Crocodile shear is suitable for cold shear of various shapes of section steel and various metal structures in metal recovery companies, scrap steel factories and smelting and casting enterprises

Products Details

(1) Hydraulic drive, easy to operate and maintain. (2) working blade length: 400 mm, 600 mm700mm800mm1000mm1200mm1500mm, shear force from 50 tons to 500 tons, a total of eight grade. More than 700mm knife edge shearing machine, especially suitable for cutting scrapped cars. (3) The installation does not require foot screws, and the place without power supply can be powered by diesel engine. (4) The equipment adopts hydraulic transmission, compared with the mechanical transmission shear, it has the advantages of small volume, light weight, small inertia, low noise, smooth movement, easy operation, flexible, large shear section, convenient adjustment of scissors mouth, etc., safe operation and easy to realize overload protection. f7c68932717201a52b376370db0db3c The company's production equipment is mainly used in rolling mills, the equipment can produce bar, wire, steel, strip steel, output from 10,000 tons/year to 500,000 tons/year: 6c977c57ebe21971c51fc21de8e09f0

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