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The utility model relates to a vertical rolling mill, which comprises a rolling mill body and a roll drive motorMachine, gear box, universal joint shaft, rolling mill bracket and motor support platform;The rolling mill body comprises a frame and two rollsThe axis is perpendicular to the horizontal plane; The output of the roll drive motor.The shaft is connected with the input shaft of the gearbox, and the two output shafts of the gearbox are dividedDo not connect the two rolls of the rolling mill body through the universal joint shaft; StatedThe side of the rolling mill body is connected to the rolling mill bracket; Roll drive electricThe motor is installed on the motor support platform; Input shaft and of gearbox.The output shafts are perpendicular to each other; It also includes the roll gap synchronous adjustment knot of the rolling mill.Structure. After adopting the technical scheme, the rolling mill on the same vertical rolling mill.The roller spacing is adjustable, and the adjustment is flexible and accurate. And solved the problem of separate adjustment.It is not easy to grasp the adjustment degree of the two rolls, one to one, left and right rolling.The axis of the roller is not parallel.

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