Chain Type Cooling Bed

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Chain type cold bed has the features of compact structure, perfect function, good cooling effect, accurate stopping position, low vibration and low noise during working, reliable operation, easy manufacturing and installation, easy maintenance, easy operation and low investment. Chain cold bed The advantage of chain type cold bed is that the structure is simple. However, in this type of straightening machine, it is the tube push speed that determines the straightening capacity, which is limited by the supply speed of the tube.The chain pawl should be made to move one stroke in the time it takes for each turn to a tube to enter the chain straightener. It is obviously unreasonable to make this movement equal to several strokes, because at this point the length of the cold bed sheds proportionally, even if the chain moves one stroke for each tube supplied, the chain has reached several tens of meters long. Chain cold bed work process is: the rolled parts from the input roller conveyor, the loading device will move the rolled parts to the cold bed fixed table; for asymmetric cross-sectional sections of steel pre-bending, for h-beam, I-beam and other products need to be rolled out on the basis of the state turned 90 °; in the initial state of the cold bed fixed table is higher than the active table, the cold bed active table will rise to lift the rolled parts and move forward across a distance, and then fall to the rolled parts For h-beam, I-beam and other products in the cold bed also need to turn 90 °; through this repeated operation will be moved step by step to the exit side of the cold bed, the lowering device will be moved from the cold bed on the exit side of the fixed table to the output roller conveyor to the next process. For the problems encountered in the production, Fangda Special Steel Rolling Mill from the cold bed unloading steel straightening plate to start, the equipment control conditions that cause the bending of flat steel to attack. The relevant engineering staff designed a new longer new straightening plate, which not only extends the stay of the elastic flat in the straightening plate, but also ensures the installation of the site working conditions; the layout of the straightening plate tendons plate fine design, so that it adapts to the high temperature environment of the cold bed, and extend the life of the workpiece, to avoid the failure of the straightening effect due to the fracture of the straightening plate; the new straightening plate is also optimized and improved single edge chamfering design, to control the flat steel surface scratches.

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